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Abyssal Cloud is a web application and managed cloud platform with integrated data services. It allows you to manage, visualize, and interact with your subsea digital twin throughout the entire life cycle.


<div align="left">Data Correlation</div>

Data Correlation

It has never been so important to collect, organize, and make useful all the data that is generated around us.
Abyssal Cloud provides powerful collaboration and control tools so that you can bring people, processes, and tools together to treat and build value from live or historical data.

<div align="left">Transparency and privacy</div>

Transparency and privacy

Abyssal Cloud is a secure platform. Control how your data is used and shared while always knowing where it is. With features like Encryption at Rest for all data and the ability to build out service clusters in completely private IP environments, Abyssal Cloud makes it easy to operate in a completely secure ecosystem.

<div align="left">Speed, reliability, and productivity</div>

Speed, reliability, and productivity

Modernize your legacy applications or subscribe to our products with an accelerated life cycle with no operational overhead, all without compromising service reliability.


Better. Faster. Safer.

  • Project transparency
  • Reduced installation days
  • De-risked offshore installation
  • Easy access to data
  • Live operational visualization
  • Field design optimization
  • Less personnel offshore
  • Integrated digital life-of-field
  • Key facilitator for remote operations
  • Significant reduction of operational risks



Geographical Project Management

2D GIS application to visualize all your world-wide projects, with contextualized data.

<div align="left">Secure Login Through OAuth</div>

Secure Login Through OAuth

Authentication through access delegation and credential management with optional two-factor authentication.

<div align="left">GIS Data</div>

GIS Data

Integrated visualization of areas, blocks, protractions, wells, pipelines, quadrants, and its associated metadata including, among others, status, number, operator, owner, and production information.

<div align="left">Live Geographical Weather Information </div>

Live Geographical Weather Information

Live GIS weather information with radar visualization and tropical cyclone data.

Project Portfolio Management

Worldwide project data in a single visualization platform that can be linked to other platforms for KPI information.

Survey Grade GIS System

Abyssal Cloud is powered by a survey-grade GIS system for all geographical data calculations.

Video Library

Large database to store all your offshore videos with data correlation that allows you to manage, query, and easily access your videos in a digital environment.

3D Digital Field

Navigate within the 3D digital replica of your field, creating, modifying, and using the models of the available assets in our software.

<div align="left">Asset Visualization </div>

Asset Visualization

Provides an immersive experience for navigating, interpreting, analyzing, and extracting information from the 3D asset model.

<div align="left">SIMOPS Planning </div>

SIMOPS Planning

Giving users the ability to position true 3D models of the FPU, installation vessel, drill rig, ROV, and other items relative to the design positions and installed assets, provides an excellent platform for SIMOPS planning. This is enhanced through the ability to apply vessel offsets, zones, geotagged annotations, and other contextual information.

<div align="left">Field Measurements </div>

Field Measurements

Modelling the system in true 3D, using the bathymetry model to position assets in vertical space, enables precise point-to-point measurements of critical outer dimensions and interfaces to be performed.

<div align="left">Geotagged Annotations </div>

Geotagged Annotations

Geotagged annotations can be added to the model to highlight features on the seabed, propose changes to design, or any other piece of information that has an associated XYZ location. This improves communication and provides a valuable tool for design reviews, workshops, or other collaborative activities.

<div align="left">Risk and Anomaly Visualization </div>

Risk and Anomaly Visualization

During the design and installation phases, the 3D editor provides the team with improved risk perception and the ability to annotate color coded risks within the field. This can be added dynamically or based on the field level risk assessment (FLRA) or other risk assessment.

<div align="left">Project Status Updates </div>

Project Status Updates

It is important to be able to report on progress updates and the 3D model provides significant benefits for this, especially around the drill centers and other complex areas.

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Design and Engineering
Learn how our digital tools can drastically enhance design and engineering processes by applying 3D visualization and simulation with accurate GIS.
Our Digital Twin data integration capabilities allow you to manage data from different years, formats, and suppliers to achieve a comprehensive collaboration and seamless handovers.





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Installation and Operations
Learn how our real-time 3D visualization of subsea assets coupled with augmented reality, embedded in a fully-accurate GIS positioning system can drastically increase safety and efficiency in offshore operations.
Within our full lifecycle approach, users can take advantage of the data generated in design and engineering phases to enhance execution and manage operational data in a single platform.





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By leveraging our GIS, 3D, and simulation capabilities with the integrated operational and engineering data, our engineering teams are continuously developing robust AI solutions for the remote control of subsea vehicles, autonomous operations and asset integrity.




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Abyssal featured in ROV Planet Buyers Guide 2021

Abyssal featured in ROV Planet Buyers Guide 2021

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Abyssal featured on ON&T’s 2020 Special Edition

Abyssal featured on ON&T’s 2020 Special Edition

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SUBSEA.AI Launch is a platform that you can use to prepare datasets, create, improve, and test AI models that will make your subsea operations Faster, Safer, and Greener.


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